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Payment & Operations
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Payment & Operations

HealthNow publishes a variety of content to help the staff in providers' offices understand our contract benefits, claims submission procedures, reimbursement, and vendor relationships.   This website area is dedicated to supporting all payment and office operations needs, especially those related to Electronic Data Interchange, or EDI, and claims & billing automation tools.

Coding and Modifiers
Accurate and exact coding is required for appropriate reporting and processing of claims. Modifiers identify situations inherent to a procedure. Use modifiers to ensure accurate claims processing.  Please refer to your CPT book for the most current CPT codes and modifiers.

Payment Vouchers
Payment vouchers include a detailed explanation of each claim by line of service. Electronic vouchers are available via a web application by enrolling for this service at Participating doctor summary checks are distributed weekly. Summary checks include payment for claims that finalize during the week's processing. Additional checks will be issued on a daily basis to ensure prompt pay requirements are met.

WNYHealthenet for Member Eligibilty
WNYHealthenet is an online community health information network established by an independently incorporated coalition of health insurance plans, including HealthNow.

Electronic Billing
Electronic Claim Submission is an easy way to minimize the amount of time it takes your claim to reach and be processed by the health plan. Submitting claims electronically will also save you money by reducing what you spend on orders for paper claims and high postage fees.

HealthNow contracted with Administrative Services of Kansas, Inc. (ASK) to be our vendor for this service. ASK will receive all physician/provider claims submissions and will perform any necessary edits to ensure the claims meet all regulatory and contract requirements. The claims will then be transferred to the health plan for adjudication and payment.

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